• May 2006
  • Vol. 7, No. 4

Current Theme or Topic

  • Change a Lifetime During National Foster Care Month
    National Foster Care Month provides an opportunity to recognize the 170,000 families across the nation who provide homes and care for the more than 500,000 children whose parents cannot care for...

  • Making Education Decisions for Children in Foster Care
    Two significant barriers to full educational access for children in foster care are concerns about confidentiality regarding children's records and misunderstanding about who can make educational...

  • Transitioning Youth: A Longitudinal Study
    Youth making the transition from foster care to independence face a number of significant challenges and tend to fare worse than their same-age peers, according to a longitudinal study by the...

  • Residential Education as Out-of-Home Placement
    Not all children who are removed from their families because of abuse or neglect are placed in foster or kinship homes. An alternative for some children and youth is the use of residential...

  • Youth Create Their Own Emancipation Center
    Involving youth in planning for their futures is one of the cornerstones of youth development. Ten youth in Napa, CA, recently took that involvement one step further by creating their own center...