• February 2008
  • Vol. 9, No. 1

Current Theme or Topic

  • Mentoring Kinship Caregivers—An Interview With Tiffany Hesser
    The Caring Communities Demonstration Project in Clark County, NV, includes a kinship care program with some special features. Anchored in a systems of care approach, the program operates out of...

  • Engaging Dads: The National QIC on Non-Resident Fathers and the Child Welfare System
    "Fifth in a series of articles on the Children's Bureau's Quality Improvement Centers" How are child welfare outcomes affected by nonresident fathers' involvement in their children's lives?...

  • Involving Families in the CFSRs
    Outcomes from the first round of the Child and Family Services Reviews (CFSRs) have helped States extend family engagement efforts beyond case planning, and some States are now engaging families...

  • How Systems of Care Grantees Engage Families
    A new series of issue briefs reports on findings from the nine grantees participating in the Children's Bureau's Improving Child Welfare Outcomes Through Systems of Care demonstration initiative....

  • Resources for Group Decision-Making
    Family engagement is increasingly recognized as an essential ingredient for the safety, permanence, and well-being of children involved with the child welfare system. A number of strategies for...

  • Family to Family: Implementation Update
    One of the most longstanding programs to endorse family engagement in child welfare is Annie E. Casey's Family to Family model, which promotes a family-centered, neighborhood-based network of care...

  • Healthy Families America: Positive Impacts of Home Visiting
    For 15 years, Healthy Families America (HFA) programs around the country have promoted positive parenting and the prevention of child maltreatment through home visits to new and expectant parents...

  • Engaging Families Through Intensive Family Preservation Services
    A new report illustrates the effectiveness of Intensive Family Preservation Services (IFPS) in preventing out-of-home placements of children. Researchers reviewed both IFPS and a variation for...