• May 2010
  • Vol. 11, No. 4

Child Welfare Research

Research from the child welfare field includes the latest look at finding the right balance for group care, accessing postadoption services, and family therapy in kinship care.

  • The Benefits of Reducing Reliance on Congregate Care
    Reducing States' reliance on congregate care for children in the child welfare system has potential benefits for both child well-being and child welfare costs. A new report, Rightsizing Congregate...

  • Survey Shows Postadoption Services Needs
    Postadoption services can help families who have adopted a child from foster care, through private adoption, or internationally. However, not all families can access postadoption services, and a...

  • A Family Therapy Model for Grandfamilies
    Many of the 1.5 million children being raised by their grandparents have suffered some family-related trauma that led to them living with their grandparents. This trauma may have been caused by...