• April 2013
  • Vol. 14, No. 3

Child Welfare Research

CBX points to research on the causes of broken adoptions, funding reinvestment in child welfare, and health-care issues faced by youth transitioning out of foster care.

  • Finding Kin With Facebook
    A news release from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in January highlights its use of social media to find kin for children and youth involved with child welfare. Hoping...

  • Study Explores Broken Adoptions
    While there are no reliable statistics, a new study suggests that a significant number of children who have been adopted from foster care later reenter out-of-home care. In a recent journal...

  • Funding Reinvestment in Child Welfare
    While child welfare agencies are trying to identify and use evidence-based practices to improve well-being outcomes for families, they are also dealing with significant economic challenges. Noting...

  • Health-Care Issues for Transitioning Youth
    Despite having three to seven times more chronic health or behavioral/mental health issues than youth in the general population, youth in foster care are half as likely to have health insurance...

  • Evaluating Trauma-Informed Care Training
    Research shows that children who suffer abuse or neglect are more likely to be exposed to other trauma-inducing situations, such as domestic violence or parental substance abuse. Additionally,...