• April 2016
  • Vol. 17, No. 2

Child Welfare Research

Find a brief examining the educational outcomes of homeless and formerly homeless students, a report on repeat child maltreatment in Alaska, and more.

  • The Lasting Educational Impact of Homelessness
    New data point to the lasting impact of homelessness on the academic performance of students in New York City's (NYC's) public schools. A recent policy brief issued by the Institute for Children,...

  • Examining Repeat Child Maltreatment in Alaska
    A new report on repeat child maltreatment in Alaska challenges the practice of drawing only on substantiated data and suggests that relying on this defined data set may underrepresent the...

  • Out-of-Home Placement and Crossover Youth
    The Center for Juvenile Justice Reform (CJJR) at Georgetown University published a policy brief looking at the effect of out-of-home placement (OOHP) on youth involved with both the child welfare...

  • Children's Rights to Counsel in Juvenile Courts
    While children involved with the child welfare and juvenile justice systems generally have a team of child welfare and other professionals working on their cases, they are often not afforded their...