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  • January/February 2017
  • Vol. 17, No. 10

Spotlight on Supportive Connections for Youth

Youth in and transitioning out of foster care face many challenges and need a wide range of support—in terms of resources and tools, as well as in relationships. January's CBX highlights supportive services for youth as well as resources for professionals and other caring adults to help youth in foster care and after.

  • Child Development Science and Improving Child Welfare Outcomes
    A new paper by the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University looks at how emerging insights from child development science can be used to improve outcomes for children and families in...

  • Health-Care Coverage of U.S. Children at Historic Rate
    The number of children with health insurance coverage in the United States reached a historic rate of 95.2 percent in 2015, according to the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute's Center...

  • Helping Youth in Foster Care Attain Postsecondary Goals
    New recommendations from the Educational Commission of the States (ECS) outline how State policymakers can more intentionally help youth currently or formerly in foster care attain postsecondary...