• October 2019
  • Vol. 20, No. 8

Child Welfare Research

We highlight a study about the effectiveness of a trauma-informed initiative aimed at improving the social-emotional well-being and developmentally appropriate functioning of children and families as well as a study on the impact of a training for resource parents on their sensitivity to children's trauma-related behavioral and emotional issues.

  • Study on the Effectiveness of a Trauma-Informed Care Initiative
    An article in the journal Child Maltreatment discusses a study conducted as part of New Hampshire's Partners for Change project, a trauma-informed 5-year initiative funded by the Children's Bureau...

  • Study Assesses Impact of Training on Resource Parents' Sensitivity to Children's Trauma Symptoms
    A study looking at the impact of specialized training—the Resource Parent Curriculum (RPC)—on the sensitivity of new resource parents to children's trauma-related behavioral and emotional issues...