• November 2002
  • Vol. 3, No. 9

Child Welfare Research

  • Report Shows Foster Care Experience Differs by Urban Area
    A recent study, "Foster Care Dynamics in Urban and Non-Urban Counties" reveals that the experiences of children in foster care vary depending on whether they live in primary urban areas (the...

  • Report Details Growth in Adoption Population Receiving Adoption Assistance
    A recent issue paper, "Growth in the Adoption Population", explores the possible impact of Federal policy changes on the future size of the foster care adoption population. The authors, Fred...

  • Compounds Found to Prevent Alcohol-Related Developmental Damage
    A recent study reports two experimental compounds prevent ethanol-induced fetal damage in mice. This data further strengthens scientists' understanding of how alcohol damages fetal development and...

  • Study Reports Employment Outcomes for Youth Aging out of Foster Care, Creates Baseline
    Youth aging out of foster care are underemployed and progress more slowly in the labor market than other youth, according to a report on employment outcomes of children exiting foster care. The...