• February 2004
  • Vol. 5, No. 1

Child Welfare Research

  • Involving Fathers and Their Families Through Family Group Decision Making
    Historically, non-custodial fathers have been disengaged from the child welfare system. The advent of ASFA and recent Federal initiatives focused on fatherhood, however, have resulted in new...

  • Realistic Expectations Found Key to Positive Outcomes in Special Needs Adoptions
    A recent study of families who adopted children with special needs found parental expectations had a significant impact on parents' satisfaction with the adoption, the quality of the parent-child...

  • In Appreciation
    The child welfare community laments the loss of two distinguished and longstanding contributors. William L. Pierce, Adoption Advocate William L. Pierce, Ph.D., a leading champion of...

  • Casey Foster Alumni Achieve Success in High School Graduation, Employment
    Preliminary results from a national study of alumni of Casey Family Programs foster care services indicate many alumni are graduating high school (86 percent, including those obtaining a GED) and...

  • Children of Incarcerated Parents: Research and Resources
    More than 1.5 million minor children have a parent in the criminal justice system. Although the majority of these children reside with another parent or relative, studies indicate at least 3...