• April 2007
  • Vol. 8, No. 3

Child Welfare Research

  • Adoptive Parents Invest More in Their Children
    A recent study analyzing levels of parental investment in families with two biological parents and other family types found that families with two adoptive parents invested more in their children...

  • Analyzing the Economic Costs and Benefits of Transracial Adoption
    A new study on transracial adoption from foster care found that a child adopted transracially spends less time as a legal orphan than the average, adopted African-American child. The study also...

  • Impact of Child Maltreatment on Adult Survivors
    Two recently published research studies report on the long-term impact of childhood maltreatment. A longitudinal study that followed 676 abused and neglected children into young adulthood found...

  • Navajo Nation and Arizona Agree on Foster Care Reimbursements
    The Navajo Nation recently became the first Arizona Tribe to sign a title IV-E intergovernmental agreement with the State that will allow the Tribe to be reimbursed hundreds of thousands of...