• May 2002
  • Vol. 3, No. 4


  • Family Violence and Criminal Justice: A Life-Course Approach
    Payne, Brian K.; Gainey, Randy R. Anderson Publishing Co., Cincinnati, OH. 2002. 367 pp. $39.95. Paperback. Family violence has become an issue of widespread concern among social workers,...

  • Adoption and Assisted Reproduction, Volume 4 in the Adoption and Ethics Series
    Freundlich, Madelyn. Child Welfare League of America, Inc., Washington, DC. 2001. 111 pp. $18.95. Paperback. The growing use of assisted reproduction, including sperm donation, gamete donation,...

  • Security Risk: Preventing Client Violence Against Social Workers
    Weinger, Susan. National Association of Social Workers, Washington, DC. 2001. $21.99. 89 pp. Paperback. Research indicates that at least a quarter of professional social workers are likely to...

  • The Ethics of Transracial Adoption
    Fogg-Davis, Hawley. Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY. 2002. 156 pp. $25.00. Hardcover. Transracial adoption is one of the most contentious issues in adoption politics and in the politics of...

  • Guidelines for the Development of Foster Care Handbooks: What Foster Youth Have to Say
    Harrak, Terry; Jones, Maria Garin. Child Welfare League of America, Inc., Washington, DC. 2001. 31 pp. $8.95. Paperback. Entry into foster care is often a difficult transition for children,...

  • Video Explores Transracial Adoption in America
    Just as immigration has made America a melting pot, transracial adoption has blended many American families together. A new video by Phil Bertelsen takes a closer look at how these families are...

  • Prize-Winning Essays by Teens in Foster Care
    The perspectives and experiences of teenagers living in foster care in New York City are captured in a recently published anthology. "The Winners: 100 Prize-Winning Essays by Teens in Foster...

  • New Resources Offer Suggestions on Successful Parenting and Grandparenting
    Two new guidebooks and a video serve as beacons in a parent's and grandparent's journey through the ups and downs of child rearing. The National Institute of Child Health and Human...

  • Strengthening Couples, Marriages in Low-Income Communities
    Policy makers interested in crafting strategies designed to strengthen the institution of marriage will find suggestions in a new publication by Theodora Ooms of the Resource Center on Couples and...