• Dec 2004/Jan 2005
  • Vol. 5, No. 10


  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Child Advocacy Centers
    Administrators of child advocacy centers (CACs) have a new resource for evaluating their programs. The National Institute of Justice has recently published a comprehensive manual for program...

  • Substance-Exposed Newborns and the Law
    The Keeping Children and Families Safe Act of 2003 requires States to have policies and procedures for health-care providers to notify child protective services (CPS) of cases of suspected...

  • Recruiting and Hiring for Human Services
    "Assume nothing and take a fresh look" is the advice offered to agencies struggling with workforce issues in the lead article of "Hired for Good," a newsletter that advocates quality...

  • Challenge Grants for Building Projects
    The Kresge Foundation offers challenge grants to support the construction or renovation of facilities, purchase of real estate, or purchase of major equipment or an integrated system. These...

  • Grantseeker Training Institute in February
    Learn about all aspects of the fundraising process at the Foundation Center's Grantseeker Training Institute. The training will be held at the Foundation Center in New York City from February 14...

  • New Standards of Practice for Agency Attorneys
    In an effort to provide guidelines for improving both the quality of child welfare agency legal representation and the uniformity of practice across the country, the National Child Welfare...