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June 2000Vol. 1, No. 4CDC Funds Demonstration Projects to Prevent Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will address the urgent public health problem of intimate partner and sexual violence by funding new demonstration projects. Since minority women, children, and families appear at higher risk, these grants will focus on projects serving particular racial and ethnic populations. Special emphasis will be on children who witness these acts.

This initiative will advance the injury and violence focus area of Healthy People 2010. Qualified applicants include public and private community-based organizations and governments and their agencies. They must have experience serving one or more racial or ethnic minority communities. Three to four awards, which will average around $400,000 each, will be used to conduct the following prevention and early intervention activities:

  • parenting or child development classes
  • support groups for children who have witnessed sexual violence and intimate partner violence or in conjunction with child abuse
  • perpetrator re-education programs
  • school or community-based programs to promote healthy relationships and prevent dating violence
  • school or community-based programs designed to identify and assist children and adolescents who witness sexual violence and intimate partner violence or in conjunction with child abuse
  • advocacy programs/strategies that link the population community's health care system, criminal justice system, child protection service system, sexual violence and intimate partner violence prevention and intervention programs, and other appropriate sectors of the community.

Grantees will partner with other organizations involved in similar activities, incorporate cultural competency, develop a research protocol, and compile and disseminate lessons learned from the project. The CDC will provide grantees with current topical information and technical assistance in developing a research protocol.

The application deadline is July 10, 2000. For a full description of the cooperative agreement program, look in the April 27, 2000 Federal Register online at: getdoc.cgi?dbname=2000_register&docid=00-10487-filed.

To request an application kit, call 1-888-472-6874.

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