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February/March 2002Vol. 3, No. 2Highlights of FY 2002 Appropriations

Highlights of FY02 Appropriations
(in thousands)
Selected HHS ActivitiesFY01 AppropriationPresident's FY02 RequestHouse/H.R. 3061 (Approved by House
H.R. 3061 as amended (approved by Senate
Child Abuse State Grants$21,026$21,026$23,000$21,026
Child Abuse Discretionary Activities$33,204$17,978$19,978$33,717
Abandoned Infants Assistance$12,182$12,205$12,205$12,205
Child Welfare Services$291,986$291,986$291,986$291,986
Child Welfare Training $6,998$6,998$6,998$7,998
Adoption Opportunities$27,379$27,405$27,405$27,405
Adoption Incentives $42,994$43,000$43,000$43,000
Adoption Awareness$9,900$9,906$9,906$12,906
Compassion Capital Fund0$89,000$30,000$89,000
Maternity Group Homes0$33,000*$33,000
Promoting Responsible Fatherhood0$64,000**
Community-Based Resource Centers$32,834$32,834$34,000$32,834
Promoting Safe and Stable Families$305,000$505,000$375,000$375,000
Mentoring Children of Prisoners0$67,000**
Payments to States for Foster Care and Adoption, total$6,401,100$6,681,500$6,621,500$6,617,100
Foster Care$5,063,500$5,055,500$5,055,500not available
Adoption Assistance$1,197,600$1,426,000$1,426,000not available
Independent Living$140,000$140,000$140,000not available
Independent Living proposal**0$60,000**

*deferred pending reauthorizing legislation
**The proposal would fund vouchers for children who age out of foster care to pursue vocational training or college