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May 2002Vol. 3, No. 4Talking to Kids About Foster Care

How should adults answer the many questions children have about foster care? How can information be provided that is simple and comprehensible? To address the questions, a Miami-based woman wrote The Foster Care Guide for Kids so children could more easily understand their experience.

Laura Greer volunteered at the Children's Home Society in Miami for many years and encountered situations where she needed to provide easy-to-understand answers to children regarding the foster care system, foster families, judges, and caseworkers. She wrote The Foster Care Guide for Kids in a question-and-answer format to be read to younger children or given to older children to read. The book is colorful, has many illustrations, and a glossary of terms.

The Department of Youth and Family Services and the Children's Home Society, both in Miami, have reviewed and approved the book. It will soon be available in Spanish.

For more information, contact:

Children's Home Society, Southeastern Division
P.O. Box 01-3241
Miami, FL 33101-3241
Phone: 305-324-1262
Fax: 305-326-7430