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March 2003Vol. 4, No. 2Military Families and Adoption

Military personnel are a largely untapped resource for children awaiting families. Now, an updated pair of products from the National Adoption Information Clearinghouse helps bring military families and waiting children together by providing information and resources unique to adoption by military families.

A fact sheet (for families) and a bulletin (for professionals) discuss both the benefits and challenges of working with military families. They also suggest creative ways to overcome some of the barriers to adoption many military families face.

Topics include:

  • How the home study process may differ for military families
  • How deployment impacts the adoption process
  • Where military families can get help with the costs of adoption
  • What services are available to military families after adoption
  • How to get medical coverage for an adopted child
  • Organizations that can assist military families pursuing adoption

The fact sheet and bulletin are available on the National Adoption Information Clearinghouse website at and, or by calling or emailing the Clearinghouse at (888) 251-0075 or