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October 2003Vol. 4, No. 82004 Public Human Services Directory

The 2004 Public Human Services Directory is now available from the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA). The updated directory provides accurate and reliable information that reflects changes brought about by the November 2002 elections. Information includes:

  • Office of the Governor and Washington, D.C., office listings for each State.
  • Key staff in State, local, and related agencies, including names, titles, addresses, phone and fax numbers, email and Internet addresses.
  • Detailed regional, district, county, or city agency listings with hours of operation.
  • Toll-free numbers for statewide information.
  • Contacts for more than 75 program and policy areas, including TANF, Medicaid, Health, Child Care, Child Welfare, Foster Care, Adoption, Child and Elder Protective Services, and Nutrition Assistance.
  • Comprehensive index of all State and local administrators.

The directory is available for $120 for APHSA members, $135 for nonmembers, or $155 for international requests. The information in the directory will stay current with periodic free updates available on the APHSA website. For ordering information or to view a sample page of the directory, visit the APHSA website at