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April 2005Vol. 6, No. 3New Book Tackles Challenging Staffing Issues

A new book by S. A. Larson and A. S. Hewitt provides practical, research-based strategies to address today's workforce challenges in the human services. Staff Recruitment, Retention, and Training Strategies for Community Human Services Organizations is divided into five sections:

  • Finding and hiring employees—recruitment and selection strategies
  • Socializing and training employees—competency-based training, mentoring, and professionalization
  • Motivating and supporting employees—staff recognition, creating and using teams, training supervisors
  • Assessing problems and designing solutions—assessing workforce challenges, implementing strategies for change
  • The bigger pictures—strategies for policy change

The book also includes a review of the literature, case studies, resources, and tools for managers to use as they address staffing issues within their own organization. The book is available at