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February 2005Vol. 6, No. 1Innovations in Child Welfare Across America

Underfunded programs, overworked staff, and bureaucracy are just a few of the issues that administrators of public and private child welfare programs face everyday. However, programs throughout the country are overcoming these obstacles in a variety of creative ways. Innovations in Child Welfare Across America is a collection of these promising practices that have been used by program directors and local stakeholders and have resulted in program reforms.

The report is broken into sections, beginning with "Reform Has Many Faces," an overview of various approaches to achieving child well-being, safety, and permanency in different States. The subsequent chapters take a more indepth look at specific types of reform. Some of the sections include:

  • Programs serving at-risk families or foster parents
  • Innovations in physical and mental health care
  • Services for young adults exiting foster care
  • Service populations in rural areas

The report also discusses how administrators can utilize existing services outside of their own systems, highlighting partnerships with community groups and collaboration with family support centers. The report also shows how the Internet can be a valuable resource for youth who live too far away from the locations where services are available.

This publication was produced as a special report by the editors of Child Protection Report. Information about ordering this report is available on the Business Publishers' website at 

[Editor's note: The link to this report is no longer available.]