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March 2005Vol. 6, No. 2Curriculum for Caseworker-Child Visits

A 1-day curriculum designed to help caseworkers prepare for visits with children in foster care has been developed by the National Resource Center for Family-Centered Practice and Permanency Planning (NRCFCPPP). Entitled "Promoting Placement Stability and Permanency through Caseworker/Child Visits," the curriculum is based on the concepts of attachment, strengths-based assessment and planning, child and youth development, effective interviewing, and organizing contacts.

Available online, the curriculum includes a 39-page training manual that leads the trainer and trainees through four modules:

  1. Reviewing current Federal and State child welfare mandates
  2. Developing an empowering approach to child welfare practice
  3. Using a developmental approach to assess safety, permanency, and well-being
  4. Planning for the visit with the child and foster family

Handouts for each training module are supplied, including an extensive checklist of developmental traits for assessing safety, permanency, and well-being of children at all ages.

The curriculum was developed by the NRCFCPPP in response to findings from the Child and Family Services Reviews that showed a significant relationship between caseworker visits and a number of other indicators of child and family safety, permanency, and well-being.

The curriculum and handouts are available on the NRCFCPPP website at