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March 2006Vol. 7, No. 2Evidence-Based Practice Manual

A new desktop resource is now available for practitioners in health and human services fields. The Evidence-Based Practice Manual: Research and Outcome Measures in Health and Human Services is an interdisciplinary volume of evidence-based assessment measures, treatment plans, and interventions.

The 104 chapters were written by prominent researchers in such fields as social work, medicine, psychology, and criminal justice. The chapters fall into nine categories:

  • Critical issues
  • Research ethics and grant guidelines
  • Diagnosis, interventions, and outcome research
  • Epidemiological and public health research
  • Conceptualization, operationalization, and measurement
  • Assessment tools and measures
  • Program evaluation strategies
  • Qualitative research exemplars
  • Quantitative research exemplars

The book also includes an extensive glossary and an annoted bibliography of Internet resources on evidence-based practice and research.

The Evidence-Based Practice Manual, edited by A. R. Roberts and K. R. Yeager, is available from Oxford University Press:

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A recent publication from the Chadwick Center and the National Association of Public Child Welfare Administrators provides guidelines for identifying, implementing, and rating evidence-based practice in child welfare. The Guide for Child Welfare Administrators on Evidence Based Practice is available on the website of the American Public Human Services Association: (PDF - 4,608 KB)