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March 2006Vol. 7, No. 2<i>Reunited</i>, A Video for Parents Affected by Meth

Substance-abusing parents whose children have been removed by CPS will identify with the parents who speak openly about their own experiences in the video Reunited. The 25-minute video captures the frank talk of parents who were able to overcome their problems and work with the child welfare agency in order to be reunited with their children.

Most of the parents in the video were using methamphetamines when their children entered the child welfare system. The parents' desire to have their children home with them and to make a better life for their children and themselves provided the motivation these parents needed to seek treatment for their meth habit. In the video, the parents acknowledge the hard work that it takes to recover from substance abuse, and they also acknowledge the rewards of working with the child welfare system. Because the experiences are told by real parents, the video can be an effective teaching tool for parents in the same situation.

The video, which was funded by the Oregon Department of Human Services under a Federal grant, also provides information about the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA) to parents who might be unaware of the time limits mandated by this Federal law.

Reunited was produced by E. Martin and J. Wurscher and is being distributed to all child welfare agencies throughout Oregon. Other agencies or individuals can purchase the video at cost through the Reunited website: (Editor's note: Link no longer active)