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February 2010Vol. 11, No. 1Protecting Children Special Issue on Differential Response

American Humane's journal, Protecting Children, devoted a double issue in 2008 to the topic of differential response. The articles describe practices, issues, and outcomes from differential response programs around the country. The articles include:

  • "Another Look at the National Study on Differential Response in Child Welfare" by Caren Kaplan and Lisa Merkel-Holguin
  • "The Parent Support Outreach Program: Minnesota’s Early Intervention Track" by David Thompson, Gary L. Siegel, and L. Anthony Loman
  • "Implementation of Differential Response in Ethnically Diverse Neighborhoods" by Amy Conley and Jill Duerr Berrick
  • "Implementation of California’s Differential Response Model in Small Counties" by Sofya Bagdasaryan, Walter Furman, and Todd Franke
  • "Outcomes for Children with Allegations of Neglect Who Receive Alternative Response and Traditional Investigations: Findings for NCANDS" by Mary Jo Ortiz, Gila R. Shusterman, and John D. Fluke
  • "Development and Field Testing of a Family Assessment Scale for Use in Child Welfare Practice Settings Utilizing Differential Response" by Raymond S. Kirk
  • "The Intersection Between Differential Response and Family Involvement Approaches" by Betty Christenson, Scott Curran, Kelli DeCook, Scott Maloney, and Lisa Merkel-Holguin
  • "Six Principles of Partnership: Building and Sustaining System-Wide Change" by Daniel P. Comer and Deborah Vassar

The entire issue is available for free download on the American Humane website: (2,839 KB)