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July 2012Vol. 13, No. 6Health Care Toolkit for Youth

SparkAction, a website with tools and information for those who work with children and youth, has shared a new toolkit by Young Invincibles. "Get Covered: A Health Care Toolkit for Gen Y" is designed to help youth understand all aspects of health care. Written by and for young people, the rereleased toolkit serves as a guide for young adults about obtaining health care coverage—either by remaining on a parent's plan or purchasing their own plan—with special sections on preexisting conditions, cancer, and women's health issues. After entering an email address, users can download the full toolkit with information specific to where they live and resources available in their State.

The toolkit consists of several topics, including the following:

  • Health options when the student has graduated
  • How to and if they are eligible to join their parent's insurance plan
  • Glossary of terms to know when buying an insurance plan
  • A section for young women covering pregnancy prevention, contraceptives, and pregnancy
  • How to handle preexisting conditions
  • Young adults and cancer

For more information and to download the full toolkit, visit the SparkAction website: