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November 2012Vol. 13, No. 10What Is Child Welfare? A Guide for Educators

A new guide for educators highlights their unique position in helping child welfare workers support children, youth, and families involved with child welfare. The factsheet is the first in a new series by Child Welfare Information Gateway that will be focused on various professionals, providing readers with an overview of the child welfare system so they can better understand their purpose and role in the child welfare continuum. 

The inaugural factsheet is geared toward educators, including teachers, administrators, and counselors. Educators perform important work in child welfare, including promoting the healthy development and well-being of children and youth, forming close relationships with families, and preventing and/or recognizing signs of child abuse and neglect.

Specifically, the factsheet:

  • Defines the roles and responsibilities of child welfare agencies
  • Explains how educators can assist agencies and families
  • Explains how child welfare workers can assist educators

The guide also lists resources, including other factsheets, toolkits, tip sheets, and more.

What Is Child Welfare? A Guide for Educators is available on the Child Welfare Information Gateway website: