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April 2014Vol. 15, No. 4Promoting Educational Success of Children in Foster Care

Positive educational experiences and academic success can mitigate the negative impact of child maltreatment and placement instability faced by children in foster care. Findings from multiple studies indicate that many children and youth in foster care are not succeeding in school compared to their peers, and that cross-system collaboration among child welfare agencies, the courts, and education is necessary for improving educational outcomes. A recent factsheet by the National Working Group on Foster Care and Education focuses on the importance of establishing a strong educational foundation for children in care and designing effective interventions aimed at enhancing their educational outcomes.

The factsheet highlights statistics about absenteeism, school suspensions, average reading levels, and high school completion rates for children and youth in foster care. Promising practices of effective early childhood education interventions, programs to promote regular attendance, and preventing serious behavior problems are discussed, in addition to promising policies for enhancing school stability and school enrollment.

Fostering Success in Education: National Factsheet on the Educational Outcomes of Children in Foster Care is available here: