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February 2015Vol. 16, No. 1Understanding and Responding to Problematic Sexual Behaviors in Youth

Funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, the National Center on the Sexual Behavior of Youth (NCSBY) offers a wide array of resource materials about the nature and prevalence of, appropriate responses to, and management of problematic sexual behaviors in children and youth. The website is designed for service providers and professionals across different disciplines as well as policymakers, youth, and families.

NCSBY's new web section for parents and caregivers addresses common questions and concerns caregivers may have about sexual behavior in children and adolescents in order to promote a better understanding of childhood sexual development, identify differences between typical and problematic sexual behavior, and create a safety plan. Some of the areas covered in this web section include the following:

  • What is problematic sexual behavior?
  • Safety planning
  • Advocating for your child
  • Finding the right treatment
  • Facing a family crisis
  • Understanding adolescents with illegal sexual behavior
  • The legal system and child protective services
  • Preventing future illegal sexual behavior

The web section offers indepth information on these and other related topics, connects users to additional resources and pertinent websites, and includes a rich bibliography. In addition, the NCSBY website will soon feature new sections for youth and professionals.

To access the resources, visit NCSBY at