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November 2015Vol. 16, No. 8A Holistic Approach to Pioneering Change

First Focus' most recent release in its series, Big Ideas, offers 14 ideas from lawmakers, children's advocates, and policy experts on how to make America a better place to be a child and raise a family. The report covers topics ranging from focusing on a multigenerational approach to creating opportunities for families in poverty, to the effects of a State-provided child allowance on poverty, and helping the children in these families prepare for their futures with Roth IRAs and lifelong savings accounts, among others.

Each idea is presented in an individual report, providing background on the specific topics addressed and several possible strategies and approaches that could be implemented. First Focus is a bipartisan children's advocacy group that aims to make children and families a priority in Federal policy and budget decisions. Working at all stages of the policy change process—raising awareness, developing policy solutions, building will, and taking action—First Focus strives toward a holistic approach to child advocacy, as reflected in the Big Ideas series of reports.

Big Ideas—Pioneering Change: Innovative Ideas for Children and Families is available at