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September/October 2015Vol. 16, No. 7Documentary on Youth Homelessness

The Homestretch, a 90-minute documentary coproduced by Spargel Productions and Kartemquin Films, follows three Chicago-area youth who ended up homeless at an early age. The documentary captures the teens' various challenges as they navigate homelessness, poverty, trauma, stereotypes, and abandonment in hopes of transitioning into an independent life with improved circumstances. Although the documentary is narrated through an individual perspective by the three youth, their experiences raise concerns for broader issues associated with teen homelessness on a national level.

The Homestretch invites viewers into the lives of these three young people in an effort to bring awareness to issues related to homelessness; immigration; foster care; juvenile justice; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth; poverty; child abuse; public resources; and education. The documentary's website offers several discussion tools to help further awareness and conversation about these topics, including a discussion guide for the film, two tools to help inspire and guide concrete actions in support of homeless youth, and the House Party Toolkit. These tools offer resourceful, challenging, and encouraging content that provokes questions, thoughts, discussion, and creativity amongst its readers.

For more information on The Homestretch, to purchase the film, and to access the discussion tools, visit the documentary website at