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March 2016Vol. 17, No. 1Geographic Differences in Racial Disparities

There are substantial data describing the existence of racial disparities in child welfare. A 2015 article in Child Abuse & Neglect considers whether there are geographical differences in racial disparities for child maltreatment and whether there is any overlap with disparities in poverty rates. The findings indicated that child maltreatment disparity is positively associated with poverty disparity. Additionally, the most densely populated metropolitan counties as well as the most sparsely populated counties had the highest rates of maltreatment disparities for Black and Hispanic children. 

To view the article abstract or purchase the article "Geographic variation in racial disparities in child maltreatment: The influence of county poverty and population density," by K. Maguire-Jack, P. Lanier, M. Johnson-Motoyama, H. Welch, and M. Dineen, 2015, in Child Abuse & Neglect, 47, visit