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September/October 2016Vol. 17, No. 7Resources to Foster Resilience and Healthy Growth in Child Welfare

The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV), funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, published a special collection of resources titled "Fostering Resilience, Respect and Healthy Growth in Child Welfare and Beyond." The tools and resources included in this collection are intended to help create positive environments where children can thrive and increase their resilience throughout their lifetimes.

The collection addresses prevention strategies that focus on fostering healthy behaviors, understanding trauma as it relates to child development, and exploring posttraumatic growth. The collection is available through the National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women,, an NRCDV initiative that uses electronic communication technology to enhance efforts to prevent violence against women and intervene more effectively when it occurs. As such, this collection was created with the understanding that an important aspect of working to end gender-based violence is the promotion of healthy attitudes, behaviors, resilience, and well-being for all children to foster nonviolence in future generations.

With resources available for use by young people, parents and caregivers, teachers and school-based professionals, gender-based violence intervention and prevention advocates, other related professionals, and communities and organizations, the collection's resources touch on topics that include the following:

  • Children's experiences with gender violence
  • Understanding trauma within the context of child development
  • Resilience as an innate human capacity
  • Healthy relationships and sexuality
  • Gender socialization
  • Media and digital safety

Access the special collection at