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September/October 2016Vol. 17, No. 7Responding to Intimate Violence in Relationship Programs

A report from the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation addresses the prevalence and experiences of intimate partner violence (IPV) among target populations for adult healthy relationship programs. The paper is the first in a series produced by the Responding to Intimate Violence in Relationship Programs (RIViR) project, conducted by the Administration for Children and Families. The goal of the RIViR project is to understand how to best identify and address IPV in the context of healthy relationship programming.

The first report in the series explores why IPV is a critical consideration in healthy relationship programming, what Federal healthy relationship programs do, the prevalence of IPV in programs' target populations, the experiences of victims, and what program staff need to understand about domestic and dating violence. The report offers a series of next steps and implications for future healthy relationship program research and practice, including the following:

  • Healthy relationship program staff should expect that many program participants have experienced, or are experiencing, IPV.
  • IPV is complex, and involvement from domestic violence professionals can enhance the capacity of healthy relationship programs to address it appropriately.
  • Future research is needed to understand how experiences of marginalization and justice system involvement may shape IPV in healthy relationship program populations.

The report also includes appendices exploring the RIViR project's study aims and research questions, as well as a project glossary of terms.

Access RIViR Paper #1: Prevalence and Experiences: Intimate Partner Violence Prevalence and Experiences Among Healthy Relationship Program Target Populations, by Tasseli McKay, Julia Cohen, Marni Kan, Anupa Bir, Lexie Grove, and Stacey Cutbush, 2016, at

For more information on the project and to access more reports in this project, visit