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June 2018Vol. 19, No. 5Webinar Looks at Legal Considerations of Opioids, Marijuana, and Child Protection

An increase in the use of both illicit and prescription opioids by pregnant women has led to a rise in children born with neonatal abstinence syndrome and other related health issues. Additionally, several states have legalized marijuana to some degree. These circumstances create a unique set of challenges, and it is important for child welfare workers to be familiar with what they may encounter in child maltreatment cases. The California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare hosted a webinar that reviewed the legal framework for the child protection system, including looking at statutes and summarizing appellate case law, and offered suggestions for addressing associated problems that may arise.

The hour-long webinar will help child welfare workers with the following:

  • Understanding the legal framework for child protection
  • Identifying the legal issues involved with the use of opioids and marijuana
  • Understanding the various responses to the challenges presented by opioid and marijuana use during pregnancy
  • Understanding the federal funding framework and possible state responses to substance use and abuse

The webinar, "Opioids, Marijuana, and Child Protection: Legal Considerations of Recent Developments," and accompanying PowerPoint are available at