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November 2019Vol. 20, No. 9The Adoption Exchange

Many children face barriers to permanency, such as being part of a sibling group or having behavioral or health challenges. It can be overwhelming for families interested in adoption, and it can be challenging for the caseworkers seeking adoptive families for children in these situations. The Adoption Exchange is a website dedicated to providing resources and support for families looking to adopt or needing support after adoption. It also provides resources for child welfare professionals who help those families. By collaborating with state, federal, and local agencies, The Adoption Exchange provides expertise and assistance with recruiting, supporting, and training throughout the adoption process.

The Adoption Exchange has offices in Colorado, Missouri, Nevada, and Utah and provides services in Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wyoming. The website provides resources and education on many aspects of the adoption process. Originally conceived as a place for caseworkers to discuss placement for children within the Rocky Mountain region, The Adoption Exchange has grown into a multistate network of professionals and volunteers who focus on integrating holistic, innovative child-specific strategies into preadoption and postadoption services. It also provides technical assistance to help build the capacity of state and tribal child welfare programs.

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