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December/January 2022Vol. 22, No. 11Focusing on Race Equity Throughout Change and Implementation

When planning for the implementation of new programs and services, child welfare agencies should focus on making them equitable and use race equity and inclusion principles from the earliest stages of development and throughout the implementation process. To help child welfare leaders, implementation team members, and technical assistance providers ensure programs and services are inclusive and equitable, the Capacity Building Center for States released a tip sheet to guide them through the implementation stages.

The tip sheet includes discussion questions for each stage that professionals can use to reflect on racial equity throughout the implementation process. The discussion topics include thinking about equity when assessing the problems that need to be solved; bringing together individuals with varied expertise and skills to guide change and implementation activities; illustrating what needs to change to get desired outcomes; identifying and defining programs, practices, and other strategies to address identified problems, meet needs, and ensure fit with agency context and the populations served; examining factors that contribute to an agency's willingness and ability to make changes and put specific solutions in place; and more. 

To learn more about how to center the implementation of new child welfare programs and services on equity and inclusivity, read the tip sheet, Focusing on Race Equity Throughout Change and Implementation