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July/August 2022Vol. 23, No. 6Research Brief Explores Cultural Assets of Black Families in the United States

In a recent brief from Child Trends, Reimagining Black Families' Cultural Assets Can Inform Policies and Practices That Enhance Their Well-Being, researchers explore Black family life, demographic trends, and cultural assets. One of the researchers' goals is to produce evidence to inform policies and practices that strengthen Black families and improve their well-being.

The brief includes four sections: 

  • Section 1: Provides an overview of the conceptual model of the research agenda
  • Section 2: Examines historic perspectives and recent trends for Black families in the United States
  • Section 3: Explores cultural assets of Black families in the United States, as well as how these assets have changed based on historic, social, or demographic shifts
  • Section 4: Introduces the need for new data-collection and research approaches that enhance the field's understanding of Black family life and well-being 
The researchers argue that certain research perspectives of Black families do not accurately depict shifts in Black families' demographics over the past 20 years. The brief is part of a larger effort by Child Trends researchers to expand knowledge in the child welfare field about Black families' cultural assets.