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March 2022Vol. 23, No. 2Tips for Building Resilience in Our Children

The Creating a Family website offers tips for building resilience in children and youth in foster care and adoptive families. These children often have experienced trauma before and during their time moving through the child welfare system. Trauma can have a negative impact on how children learn resiliency and other aspects of their current and future lives.

The webpage spotlights the "Three Rs," which aim to help children manage their response to trauma using the following strategies: 

  • Reassure: Comfort the child both verbally and physically.
  • Return to routine: Encourage the child to continue or return to their familiar routines.
  • Regulate: Teach the child how to identify and regulate their emotions and offer to help them learn these coping skills (also known as coregulation).
This webpage also emphasizes the importance of consistently utilizing the Three Rs, modeling the regulating behaviors yourself, and recognizing with positive reinforcement when the child is successfully building their resilience.
To learn more about building resilience in children who have experienced trauma, visit Creating a Family's Tips for Building Resilience in Our Children webpage.