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October 2022Vol. 23, No. 8Tips for Prospective Adoptive Parents Waiting to Be Matched

A blog post from AdoptUSKids provides prospective adoptive parents with advice on how to make the most of the time they will spend awaiting a match with their future child. The matching process can be a lengthy and emotional one for families. The following actions can help families feel supported and maintain their sense of purpose as they wait:

  • Find support. Ask your caseworker for advice and connect with other parents who are going or have already gone through the adoptive process.
  • Learn about parenting resources. To prepare for life as an adoptive parent, explore the resources and services available through the agency and community, such as financial assistance and respite care.
  • Know what you can change. . . and what you can’t. Ask yourself if you have certain expectations for the child with whom you hope to match. For example, are you open to adopting a teen or sibling group? According to many adoptive families, a “good fit” often depends on the connection made between the child and adoptive family, not a child’s age.
  • Believe in yourself. Acknowledge your concerns and vulnerabilities. Parenting for all types of parents and families can be overwhelming sometimes. Seek support from nonjudgmental family and friends and take care of your physical and mental health.
  • Build new parenting skills. Educate yourself on child development and parenting a child with a history of trauma. Ask your caseworker and other adoptive parents for information on parenting classes.
  • Find positive ways to anticipate your child's needs. Learn about the schools and fun activities in the community. Dedicate time to preparing your home and include a welcoming space specifically for your future child.

To learn more, read “While You Wait: Preparing to Be Matched.”