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December/January 2024Vol. 24, No. 10American Indian/Alaska Natives Curriculum Content Evaluation Guide

The National Child Welfare Workforce Institute's (NCWWI's) American Indian/Alaska Natives Curriculum Content Evaluation Guide includes foundational concepts social work educators should know when working with American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) populations. This comprehensive guide is a valuable resource for social work educators seeking to enhance their work with AI/AN communities. It covers essential understandings crucial for culturally responsive practice, addresses the challenge of historical biases, and provides a resource evaluation checklist. The guide also features selected infographics, one-page summaries, and microvideos that meet the checklist standards. It also tackles the issue of educational bias and offers four points to counteract prejudice against AI/AN people:

  • It is common to refer to AI/AN peoples in the past tense, but Indigenous culture is very much alive and AI/AN communities are experiencing rapid population growth.
  • AI/AN people are often portrayed in a negative or patronizing light. In reality, they hold many professional and technical occupations and are not confined to stereotypical roles.
  • Tribes can and do produce effective and meaningful solutions to the specific needs of their communities.
  • AI/AN stories have been told from Eurocentric and colonizer perspectives. Engaging in materials and information from AI/AN publishers and media distributors can help minimize bias in curriculum materials.

This tool helps educators assess the quality and appropriateness of materials used in teaching. It ensures that the content is culturally sensitive and relevant to the specific needs of AI/AN populations. These resources not only serve as models for educators but also enhance the learning experience for students by presenting complex information in a clear, concise, and culturally sensitive manner.

Access American Indian/Alaska Natives Curriculum Content Evaluation Guide for summaries, the checklist, and additional resources for further reading.