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December/January 2024Vol. 24, No. 10Kin-Finding Toolkit and Webinar

The Grandfamilies and Kinship Support Network has provided a toolkit and accompanying webinar offering a collection of 22 kin-finding promising practices that have proven successful in increasing the placement of youth with their relatives. Each practice is supported by real-world tools, providing practical resources for child welfare programs seeking to enhance their kin placement rates.

The toolkit and webinar present a diverse range of promising practices, each with a record of success. These practices are designed to promote the placement of youth with relatives, which is often in the best interest of the child as it preserves family connections and provides a stable support system.

A distinctive feature of the toolkit is its real-world tools, including sample policy language and forms. These resources empower child welfare programs with practical solutions and templates for implementation. By offering such concrete tools, the toolkit ensures that child welfare professionals have the resources they need to put these promising practices into action effectively and adapt these practices to meet their specific needs and circumstances. Programs can tailor the strategies to their unique challenges and resources, fostering a more successful implementation and improved kin placement rates.

Access the webinar, "Improving Your Results in Kin-Finding and Placement," for a walkthrough of the Kin-Finding Toolkit. Download the toolkit on the Grandfamilies and Kinship Support Network website.