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December/January 2023Vol. 23, No. 10How Child Protection Agencies Can Partner With Domestic Violence Programs

Casey Family Programs published an article that discusses how child protection agencies and domestic violence programs have historically responded to victims separately although both have the goal of protecting children and families from violence. It also discusses how domestic violence impacts child and adult survivors as well as strategies agencies and programs can use to build capacity and increase collaboration.

The article posits that this traditionally disjointed approach can have grave consequences, such as increased distrust in the system and the removal of children from the adult survivor and charging them with neglect. An extensive understanding of the intersection of child welfare and domestic violence is needed to provide comprehensive, community-based prevention and intervention programs.

The article also shares examples of strategies for building capacity and collaboration. It also highlights the Greenbook Project as well as materials from the Resource Center on Domestic Violence: Child Protection and Custody.

The authors suggest that cross-training professionals is one of the most important strategies and provide specific suggestions for child protection agencies, including the following:

  • Establish and use clear guidelines when working with families.
  • Require interagency collaboration.
  • Include cultural considerations.
  • Adopt, create, or adapt tools.
  • Integrate strategies into program improvement plans that build upon collaboration.
  • Create the structure to incorporate consultation from domestic violence organizations.

For more details about the suggestions and a deeper look at the intersection between domestic violence and child welfare, read "How Can Child Protection Agencies Partner With Domestic Violence Programs?"