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July/August 2023Vol. 24, No. 6Rethinking Child Welfare Recruitment

The National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWWI) published a brief outlining strategies and recommendations to help recruit child welfare professionals. Rethinking Child Welfare Recruitment emphasizes the urgent need for innovative and targeted approaches to recruitment to ensure the delivery of high-quality services to vulnerable children and families. The brief suggests a holistic approach to recruitment and retention that focuses not only on racial equity and inclusivity but also on organizational culture.

The brief highlights a set of practical recommendations for effective recruitment practices. One key strategy involves developing partnerships with colleges, universities, and community organizations to create pathways for individuals interested in child welfare careers. By forging these alliances, agencies can tap into a pool of passionate individuals eager to make a positive impact.

Another important aspect highlighted is the need for agencies to promote diversity and inclusivity in their recruitment efforts. By actively engaging with underrepresented communities and tailoring outreach efforts to resonate with diverse populations, agencies can foster a workforce that reflects the diverse backgrounds and experiences of the families they serve.

Furthermore, the brief emphasizes the importance of highlighting the rewarding nature of child welfare work. By showcasing success stories and illustrating the positive impact of the profession, agencies can inspire and attract individuals who possess the compassion and dedication necessary for this vital work.

The brief provides agencies with a strategic roadmap to overcome recruitment challenges and build a resilient workforce. By implementing the outlined recommendations, child welfare agencies can attract talented individuals who will contribute to positive change, ensuring the well-being and safety of vulnerable children and families for years to come.