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October 2023Vol. 24, No. 8Podcast Explores Parenting Among People With Disabilities

The podcast series Parenting Done Differently: Parenting With Disabilities explores parenting among those with physical and intellectual disabilities. Psychologist, author, and researcher Marjorie Aunos hosts the podcast as a parent who also lives with disabilities.

The podcast has released 26 episodes, each featuring a special guest whom Aunos interviews. Guests range from researchers to fellow parents and have included Tammy Bachrach, a researcher and adult child of parents with intellectual disabilities; Marja Hodes, a clinical psychologist from the Netherlands; and Dr. Tommie Forslund, a psychologist and postdoctoral fellow at Stockholm University.

All episodes are available on the Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare website. Additional resources, including books, videos, articles, and websites, accompany many of the episodes.