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September 2023Vol. 24, No. 7Factsheet for Families Explores the Impact of Maltreatment on the Developing Brain

Child Welfare Information Gateway recently published the factsheet for families Child Maltreatment and Brain Development: A Primer for Caregivers. This publication provides caregivers—including parents, kin caregivers, foster parents, and others—with an introduction to child and youth brain development. It explores the short- and long-term effects abuse and neglect can have on the developing brain, which can often manifest as academic, behavioral, emotional, and other difficulties. The factsheet also highlights the presence and importance of resilience and gives tips to help caregivers work with child welfare staff and others to make sure their child and family receive appropriate services and supports.

A complementary issue brief, Child Maltreatment and Brain Development: A Primer for Child Welfare Professionals, provides child and family-serving professionals with a similar review of brain development, the varied effects of child maltreatment, and the implications and considerations for child welfare practice.