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September 2023Vol. 24, No. 7Tribal Title IV-B Supports

The Children’s Bureau recently updated its Tribal Title IV-B Supports toolkit webpage to include the up-to-date guide Tribal IV-B Guide: Navigating Federal Child Welfare Services Funding From the Children’s Bureau.

The guide provides resources to help tribes develop their Child and Family Services Plans and Annual Progress and Services Reports, including federal guidance and information about documents that must be submitted. It also provides information and recommendations to tribes for accessing and maintaining title IV-B funding. It breaks down the programs funded by the Children's Bureau, including program descriptions, funding eligibility, and match requirements. Examples of how the different fund sources can be used and guidance on reporting, grants, and costs are also included.

The toolkit webpage features a series of instructional videos that supplement the guide and provide tribal program staff with additional information on portions of the guide that may need extra clarification, including a general introduction to tribal title IV-B funding, how a tribe's population affects funding, the tribal IV-B funding life cycle, and collaboration and joint planning.

Additional federal guidance and other resources, including expenditure calculators, templates, and a reporting schedule, are also available.

Explore the Tribal Title IV-B Supports webpage for more information and to access the guide and supplemental resources.