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April 2024Vol. 25, No. 3Meet Two New National Centers Focused on Postadoption Support and Adoption-Competent Mental Health Services

Two national centers, both launched in October 2023, seek to enhance support for families formed through adoption or guardianship and address important aspects of postadoption experiences. Both of these centers share a commitment to collaboration and providing culturally responsive support to states, tribes, and territories to bring systemic change.  

The National Center for Enhanced Post-Adoption Support is a technical assistance initiative designed to deliver free services and resources to help states, tribes, and territories provide a comprehensive range of postadoption and post guardianship services to families. One feature is the resource library, which includes resources on engagement, workforce development, serving diverse adoptive and guardianship families, and more. The Post-Adoption Center also offers technical assistance through peer groups, webinars, or onsite technical assistance. 

The National Center for Adoption Competent Mental Health Services, which works in collaboration with the Post-Adoption Center, is dedicated to creating systemic change by building bridges between the child welfare and mental health systems to improve mental health outcomes for children in care and families who are affected by the child welfare system. This national center provides technical assistance and evidenced-informed training to strengthen coordination and capacity between child welfare and mental health systems. This collaboration seeks to help connect children, young adults, and families with adoption-competent mental health professionals who can meet their mental health needs in a culturally and linguistically responsive way.

The launch of these two centers supports the Children's Bureau's commitment to improving the safety, permanency, and well-being of children through partnerships. Learn more about the National Center for Enhanced Post-Adoption Support and the National Center for Adoption Competent Mental Health Services.