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April 2024Vol. 25, No. 3Webinar on Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences

A webinar from the Annie E. Casey Foundation explains how adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) affect lifelong health outcomes and provides strategies for preventing ACEs. "Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences: Creating Safe and Nurturing Environments" shares expanded definitions of ACEs at the family and community levels. It also explores how negative outcomes can potentially be reduced or mitigated.

ACEs are associated with negative health outcomes, ranging from health conditions and risk behaviors to socioeconomic challenges. Positive childhood experiences are one way to help children build resilience and have a direct effect on health outcomes. The webinar lists six strategies to prevent ACEs and details actions and policies that support prevention:

  • Strengthen economic supports for families.
  • Promote social norms that protect against violence and adversity.
  • Ensure a strong start for children.
  • Teach skills.
  • Connect youth to caring adults and activities.
  • Intervene to lessen immediate and long-term harms.

The presentation slides are available for download. Additional resources for preventing ACEs and promoting positive childhood experiences are also available, such as an infographic on the science of ACEs and training modules from a public health approach.