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February 2024Vol. 25, No. 1We R Native Website for Youth

Since 2012, We R Native has served as a culturally appropriate and comprehensive health resource for American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) youth. The website provides over 330 pages of health and wellness information reviewed and approved by subject matter experts and AI/AN teens and young adults. It includes colorful images and graphics, videos, sections dedicated to AI/AN youth life and culture, free 24/7 crisis support, and more. The following features are spotlighted on the homepage:

  • Ask Your Relative – AI/AN youth can submit ‘mind, body or spirit’ questions and “relatives” (a team of educators, public health professionals, and caring adults who understand AI/AN identity, culture, and community) will reply. Visitors to the website can also view and search through all preceding questions and answers.
  • Youth Support Resources – A QR code provides youth an interactive way to access resources spanning a range of topics, including drugs and alcohol, education, life skills, mental health, relationships and dating, sexual identity, and more.

We R Native also links to the sister site for adults—Healthy Native Youth, a resource designed for tribal health educators, teachers, parents, and caring adults that provides information, training, and tools needed to support AI/AN youth.

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