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July/August 2024Vol. 25, No. 6Initiative Elevates Youth Voice

Listening to and incorporating the voices of those with lived experience is vital to improving the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. Youth Voices Rising, an initiative of Fostering Media Connections, is a series that elevates the perspectives of dozens of young people with lived experience every year through live and virtual workshops, contributor curriculum, writing contests, events, and calls for submissions.

Explore articles from youth with lived experience covering a wide range of topics from the power of tapping into heritage to the impact of sibling separation:

  • "Generational Foster Care in Native American Communities": Shawna Bullen-Fairbanks addresses the unique challenges Native American communities face with generational foster care, emphasizing the effects of historical trauma, the importance of culturally sensitive support, and the joy of reconnecting with her culture.
  • "My Sister Is a Stranger": Erin Gantz narrates the emotional journey of reconnecting with her sister after years of separation in the foster care system, exploring themes of loss, identity, and the complexities of familial relationships.

Dozens of youth have submitted their stories to Youth Voices Rising. Jumpstart your exploration with these articles:

Access these and more on the Youth Voices Rising website.