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March 2024Vol. 25, No. 2Toolkit for Applying Racial Equity and Sustainability Practices in Family Stabilization Efforts

Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, in collaboration with Lutheran Services of America, launched the Family Stabilization Initiative and developed a sustainability toolkit. Advancing Equitable Outcomes in Child Welfare: A Toolkit for Sustainability is a practical resource for organizations seeking to integrate racial equity and sustainability principles into their implementation of evidence-based or evidence-informed programs. This toolkit is specifically designed for decision-making staff within human service organizations.

The toolkit is a comprehensive guide, offering key components centered on equity-focused sustainability. Its applicability extends to a broad spectrum of professionals, including agency and program leaders, developers, practitioners, caseworkers, and clinical staff. By focusing on race equity programming, the toolkit addresses a critical need for organizations aiming to foster inclusivity and equitable outcomes within their communities.

Key features of the toolkit include guidelines for creating a learning collaborative, wraparound service delivery model options, and examples of diversity in partnership. It also provides practical guidance for those seeking to enhance or initiate race equity programming within their specific organizational context.

Advancing Equitable Outcomes in Child Welfare: A Toolkit for Sustainability is an actionable guide for decision-makers and practitioners to effectively incorporate race equity principles into evidence-based programs, ultimately contributing to the sustainability and positive impact of family stabilization initiatives. Organizations looking to enhance their commitment to racial equity in the context of family stability will find this toolkit a valuable and informative resource.